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The PSA Adult Hockey League is perfect for beginner player. As Canadians, hockey is part of our heritage. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, many do not have the opportunity to play growing up. Regardless of your age or ability, it’s hard not to fall in love with the sport. Many adults feel like it’s too late to start playing, and that’s where the PowerSkating Academy Adult Hockey League (PSA Hockey League) comes in. This league was created with beginners in mind. We are the league for those who have never played before, who have recently started playing organized hockey, or for those who are just picking the game back up again after a long hiatus.


The PSA Hockey Adult League creates evenly, well-balanced teams that play each other in a fun and competitive environment.  Improve your skills, get in shape, develop friendships and grab a drink with the guys after the game. Tuesday night will become your favourite night of the week! So gear up, sharpen those skates and see you on the ice!

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