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PSA Adult Hockey League
The PSA Adult Hockey League is committed to helping our players every step of the way. From advice on purchasing equipment to the finer points of skating and hockey skills - we can help! 
Game Rules • 15 minute, 12 minute, 12 minute run time periods. • Icing will be called if the defending team shoots the puck down the length of the ice from their side of centre. • No touch icing will be in effect. • Minor penalties will be 3 minutes (run time). • Major penalties will be 5 minutes (run time) plus a game ejection. Major penalties must be served by a teammate. • Any player given 3 minor penalties in the same game will be ejected from the game. • A team that has an icing call called against them cannot change during that stoppage of play. • Any team deemed to be delaying the game on purpose will be called for a minor penalty.
• Foul language and abuse (physical or verbal) will not be tolerated against teammates, opponents or officials. 
Equipment All participants must adhere to the following rules regarding equipment.

Mandatory Equipment List: • Skates • Shin Pads • Hockey Pants (No Cooperalls) • Chest/Shoulder Pads • Elbow Pads • CSA Approved Nelmet (No Jofa’s) • Half Visor Minimum (Full cage is recommended) • Hockey Gloves • Hockey Stick
Additional Training PowerSkating Academy offers skating and hockey lessons for those interested in more ice time. For more information visit Please note, all PSA Adult Hockey League players will receive a 10% discount on any skating and hockey lessons they book through PowerSkating Academy. Be sure to mention you are a registered player in the PSA Adult Hockey League when registering for any classes or programs.

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